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268                                XJFE   OF
OTHEB scenes ate now presented before us. The
various connexions of our youth of twenty-two are
increased by new and more important ones, and love
springs up in the heart so long devoted only to
In the winter 17891790, Humboldt spent some
time in Erfurt and "Weimar, and this stay was impor-
tant in its results on his whole future life, for here
he made the acquaintance of the coadjutor "Von
Dalberg, of his future wife,, and of Schiller. Of the
coadjutor Von Dalberg, Humboldt had the highest
opinion., and said of him :" The longer I have the
opportunity of associating with Dalberg, the more I
feel convinced of the purity of his intentions, and the
excellence of his moral character/' But another house
in Erfurt formed at that time a centre of hospitality
and good society,, and Jbecame a great attraction to
Humboldt, namely., that of the Chamber president
C. F. von Dacheroden. This family belongs to the
old Saxon and Thuringian nobility, and have their
estate^ which bears their name^ a mile beyond jMtihl-
hausen on the river Unstrut. The Herr von
Dacheroden in question., a relative of Von Dalberg,
had formerly been vice president of the Prussian
chamber at Halberstadt, and was married to a
Baroness Posadowsky? heiress of Burgorner., a large
estate in the Prussian part of the Duchy of Mansfeldt.
One daughter was the fruit of this marriage, and the
moet careful education had been bestowed upon her.